Welcome to the Web App for the Break the Chain!

Welcome to the Erasmus+ project "Break the Chain"! This project aims to raise awareness about intentional disinformation and fake news. Our goal is to assist adults in detecting and coping with fake news and disinformation online. We have developed a manual for trainers and a web app called LME (Learning Motivation Environment) for digital microlearning.

The activities of the web app will initially be available in English and will later be provided in other languages such as Czech, French, Bulgarian, Dutch, Spanish, and Greek. The web app will offer various activities that include text, videos, and images, all focused on the topic of fake news and disinformation. Our target audience includes trainers and adults who are interested in improving their skills and knowledge in detecting and preventing fake news and misinformation.

In collaboration with our partners, we have developed a total of approximately 120 activities. These activities will empower users to navigate the complex landscape of fake news and disinformation and become critical consumers of online information.

We invite you to explore our project and join us in the fight against fake news and disinformation. Together, we can break the chain of misinformation and promote a more informed and responsible digital society.